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DAMN!  this has been one hellava week.

starting sunday at soundwave, i got to enjoy the musical stylings of queens of the stone age, primus, devildriver, the bronx, monster magnet and slash.

monday, i joined the crew for the upcoming horror feature film, REDD INC.  i’ll be directing the special features for the web, DVD and blue ray.

this film is going to rock.  hard.  check out the website for all the info…

we’ll be bleeding viral updates over the course of the production…  shooting commences tomorrow…

monday night, i walked to my local venue and watched PRIMUS in all their maddening glory…

tuesday, we visiting M.E.G. – the makeup effects groups behind the glorious splatter of REDD INC.

the shop was mind-blowing and their work is incredible.  i cannot wait for them to be unleashed onset.

wednesday was my birthday.  that night i saw my favorite band, queens of the stone age, destroy the enmore theatre, surrounded by my bestest buds.

today i spent another day at M.E.G. gathering further material for the special features…

the effects being created for the film are second-to-none awesome.  as a certified gore-hound and horror fanatic since the 80s, i am immensely proud to be a small part of this film…

let the blood flow…




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I’ve been shooting gigs for Drum Media for the past 5 weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m attempting to refine my process and improve the turnaround time for selects – but I’m relatively pleased with my early results…  Here’s my published shots thus far…

I’m off to The Annandale Hotel tonight to shoot The Art, wish me luck!


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this friday, i’ll be shooting my first gig as freelance stills photographer for drum media street press.  i’ll be at the oxford arts factory for DOUBLE DRAGON III, which is being headlined by WIM.  i’m trying to get together a live music photography portfolio.  here’s a few of my recent shots…





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Our Tropfest short film, ‘Last Minutes With the Stack,’ has completed shooting and has been ingested into the Avid here at Postbox in Chippendale.

Aaron Petersen is commencing the edit today…  And should have it together by the end of the week…

Here’s the credits list…

Starring James Rappell as Glen

Ellena Flikier as Jennifer

Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt as Terry

Corey Farrell as Jeff / Co-Writer / Co-Director

Josh Groom / Co-Writer / Co-Director / Cinematographer

Maddi Milasas / Producer / Credits Designer

Sash Flikier – Original Soundtrack Composer

Tom Herdman – Sound Engineer / Grip / Gaffer / Pyrotechnician

Aaron Petersen – Editor / Colorist / Sound Mixer

‘Two Worlds’ by Cogel.

Thanks to Edward Prescott, Nic Cogels, Jasmine Flikier, Gerald Groom, Rimas Milasas, Eliot Rausch, Luke Korver, Matt B. Taylor, Jason Wood & Glen Diamond


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This weekend, we are shooting a short mockumentary for Tropfest, entitled, “Last Minutes with the Stack.”

I’m also attending a Guns n’ Roses concert, but that is neither here nor there.

The mocko – co-written and co-directed by Corey Farrell and myself stars James Rappell and is a hybrid of actual events and a short film called, “Last Minutes with Oden.”

If you haven’t seen that film –

But be warned…  If you’ve ever loved a pet before…  You will cry.

Our film should be complete in one month to meet the Tropfest deadline of the 6th of January.


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My good mate and cinematographer extraordinaire, Glenn Hanns recently spent a day with Sarah McLeod ( The Superjesus ), in her home studio and at rehearsal with her band.  He documented the day on his Canon 5D Mk2 and I have cut the footage into the new video clip for the track “Dancing in the Dark,” off her soon-to-be-released album.

You can check it out here –

Sarah’s new album is coming soon… Check out her website for more details…



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on friday the 15th of october we shot a multi-camera live gig for cloud control…

the six camera shoot went very well, largely thanks to the awesome live artwork provided by the wickedly talented girls at greedy hen…

the edit is underway and i should have something to show early next week…

stay tuned…

p.s.  if you don’t have a ticket yet to this saturday night’s HALLOWEEN MONSTER MASH – get one!!!!  it’s going to be awesome…