On Friday and Sunday we completed two mammoth days of shooting on our spec music video.

Don’t know if this has been done before, but we’ve decided to shoot a video WITHOUT a song or even a band attached…!!  The clip comes from the seed of an idea that squirted out of Bernard Stock when he heard the song ‘DLZ’ by Tv on the Radio, while watching an episode of Breaking Bad.  He and I worked up a narrative and decided to go ahead and shoot the thing without a budget or label.

I assumed I’d be shooting it – so I began training myself in shooting models…   but thankfully Glenn Hanns came on board to shoot the thing and took the thing to a whole new level of professionalism.

Now we have some truly spectacular images and the plan is to cut them to ‘DLZ,’ then start shopping it around for the right band and track.  It was an awesome shoot, a day at The Vanguard in Newtown, courtesy of the Sexy Boss himself, Mr Russall S. Beattie – then a day at The Thorougbred Motel in Randwick.

We were blessed with a f*cking brilliant crew and an unbelievable cast.  I can’t wait to watch this thing take shape – it’s definately like nothing I’ve ever done before.  We have one last day of shooting – just three shots to get, but we still need to source a semi-trailer as a prop…   For the time being though – it’s onto the next things…

I’m cutting a teaser trailer for Redd Inc today…

Then it’s down to Mudgee tomorrow to shoot a TV campaign for Mudgee Tourism…

Then back on Saturday in time for a couples shoot with Nicki Gowland and Joshua Seven…


Busy and loving it!!


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