Thought I’d break radio silence.  It’s been a long time since I blogged.

Just reread that last sentence, sounds like the opening line of a TVC for All Bran.

Patton Oswalt has a new CD out…  I’m excited about that.

My brown burmese cat, Noodle, is destroying a small toy mouse under Maddi’s desk.

This morning I went to the Sun Room at the Ivy for the 2011 IF Awards Nomination Announcement.

I saw the guy from Snowtown.  He is awesome.  That film was dark and unsettling in a way few movies can be.  I felt like I needed to be disinfected after the screening.  Me and Corey Farrell saw it and watched as the cinema around us emptied out.  I think it’s brilliant but it’s a hard film to recommend to people. It’s weird, I want it to be sucessful as hell -and was bummed today when it didn’t get nominated for Best Picture or Best Actor. Anyway, such a powerful performance – I was a bit star struck.

‘Overpass,’ the music video we made for The John Steel Singers, got nominated for Best Music Video.  We’re up against two intimidating women – Kimbra & Olivia Newton John.

We’re shooting our spec music video this weekend…  Friday morning and Sunday night…  Should be awesome.  Got a great crew and cast together and some gorgeous locations…

Shooting a TVC for Mudgee tourism next week…  Praying for sunshine.


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