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Posted in Uncategorized on April 5, 2011 by joshgroom

today I shot a TVC for Harris Farm, worked at Postbox on Episode 7 of The Great Australian Doorstep, shot 4 EPK interviews for Redd Inc. and received signed release forms for our documentary project to begin shooting… it was a great day today.  oh…  did i mention the knicks clinched a playoff berth?  yeah, that too.



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Today is the second last day of shooting on Redd Inc. and with tomorrow being a closed set – this is my last day on set.  It’s been an awesome experience – one I’m sure I’ll never forget.

Yesterday I got to direct Nicholas Hope ( of Bad Boy Bubby fame ), in a viral video to promote the film…  I’ll get a link up on this site as soon as one exists.

Tonight I’m going to The Metro Theatre to shoot Sparkadia for Drum Media, which promises to be an interesting night.

Today I’ll be doing the EPK interviews with Kelly and Sebastian, the two lead actors in the film…  I’m looking forward to getting onto the edit of the extra materials…  and as much of a blast as it’s been being on set, going back to a normal existence will be a relief.  On Wednesday night I was working until 3:40am, and Maddi ( my girlfriend ) left for her work at 3:30am…  ( she’s production runner on the new season of Underbelly )  Yep, this is a very strange time, indeed.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.