From shooting and directing a Harris Farm TVC first thing Monday morning, to being on the set of Redd Inc. a few days – and interviewing several key cast and crew members, to shooting The John Steele Singers & Jonathon Boulet gig at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville last night – it’s been a big week.   Cap it off with a Stone Temple Pilots gig tonight at the Hordern…  I’m feeling tired but exhilarated…

Amongst all that other stuff I’m working at Postbox at the moment on the new season of The Great Australian Doorstep and we’ve just had a big break-through in our feature length documentary to be completed later this year…

I’m not getting much sleep…  Or seeing my gorgeous girlfriend nearly as much as I’d like…  Let alone hang out with our two awesome cats, Frisbee and Noodle…  But I know I will look back on this time as one of the most exciting of my career…

Again, I wish I could say more…

And I will…    soon.

Till then…  Here’s a little Johnny Cash / Zack Snyder awesomeness…



  1. You’re going to love STP! Saw them last night in Festival Hall, Melb! Wish I could have flown to Sydney and done it all again tonight. Rocking!

    • they were incredible. looks like they’re playing the same setlist each night on this leg of the tour… and what a setlist!! i tried not to let my expectations get away from me – but they absolutely blew me away… kick ass rock n freakin roll!!

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